Wanna receive a postcard???

Hey, guess what? Postcards are cool again! Especially when they come with music!  There are two albums, “The Drum, the Dub and the Useless” and “Giant Duval: How to Play the Guitar vol. I” and they aren’t available anywhere else! This is it! So click on the links below to receive a personal postcard from your pal Angelo while he tours France and Switzerland next week. This means french and swiss postcards (no Paris, sorry)! Hurry up!

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Giant Duval – How to play the guitar vol I

(7 transcendental guitar workouts)



The Drum, the Dub and the Useless                                                                                                                                                                          (14 unreleased tracks, remixes,  dub versions and drum versions from the world garage session)


Tour de France (and Geneva) 2012! Angelo Spencer et les hauts Sommets

11/03/12 Creil, France – La Grange a Musique

11/04/12 Caen, France – La Loupiote

11/06/12 Bordeaux, France – Wunderbar

11/07/12 Puymirol, France – Asso Kezaco

11/08/12 Geneva, Switzerland – El Bibarium

11/09/12 Bauges, France Asso Kap n’Doo

11/10/12 Payzac, France – la Pleine Lune France

Shows Shows Shows

Shows all weekend with the Hive Dwellers and Lauren Ashley Eriksson(LAKE)

03/02/12 Seattle, WA at Cairo gallery                                                                Time: 8:00pm. All Ages. Address: 507 E Mercer Street. w/ The Hive Dwellers & Ashley Eriksson

03/03/12 Port Townsend, WA at The Undertown                                                  Time: 8:00pm. All Ages. Address: 211 Taylor Street, Suite B-5.Venue phone: 360-385-1410. w/ The Hive Dwellers, Ashley Eriksson, and Solvents

03/04/12 Olympia, WA at the Midnight Sun                                                  Time: 8:00pm. All Ages. Address: 113 N Columbia St. w/ The Hive Dwellers, Coasting, and Ashley Eriksson